About US

In the heart of California, where the sun met the sea in a blaze of color, Sofia, a woman fueled by a fierce passion for design, embarked on a journey that would illuminate the world in more ways than one. With a canvas of creativity and a palette of dreams, she founded "JewelsModa," a lighting brand that intertwines elegance and innovation, crafting an entrepreneurial tale that shines brightly.

Sofia's journey started with a flicker of inspiration, ignited by the interplay of light and nature in her coastal hometown. The luminous sunsets and the glinting waves were her muses. Armed with an education in design and a heart brimming with ambition, she took her first steps towards creating something truly extraordinary.

With unwavering determination, she blended her design prowess with her fascination for lighting. The name "JewelsModa" emerged as an embodiment of her vision – a fusion of elegance and contemporary style that captures the essence of her creations. She envisions her lights not as mere fixtures, but as intricate jewels that will adorn spaces with their brilliance.

So, welcome to JewelsModa. We hope you find the products you love in our shop, and we wish you a joyful shopping experience.